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MAET Blog, take one.

Today I find myself in an interesting predicament. Throughout the past school year, I asked my AP English Language and Composition students to blog their experiences in a Genius Hour project using I helped them establish their blogs, provided prompting questions for inspiration, evaluated their work, and encouraged creativity in the blogging process. Yet, as I sit here establishing my own blog for the first time, I realize that I have once again asked my students to complete a task that I would struggle to complete myself!

As an educator, I pride myself on being able to model success in the classroom–I demonstrate literary annotation, successful reflection, and vocabulary usage whenever possible; however, it has become abundantly clear to me in the past 20 minutes that while I have asked 120 students to blog all year, I have no idea how to do it myself. I will consider this to be the first revelation of the MAET program for me. If I want to be a succcessful teacher, I have to be willing to try anything I would have my students do. I look forward to establishing this blog as a space where I reflect on my own teaching, share interesting experiences, and make meaningful connections about the incorporation of technology into my classroom.

Lesson learned.


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