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Techy Teacher Survey and Results

Over the past several years, a significant amount of emphasis has been placed on educational technology and the best tools for classrooms and schools. Districts invest heavily in these technology tools, both in their acquisition and implementation, and countless man-hours have been spent by teachers learning and perfecting their techy-teacher skills. However, it is rare that we stop to reflect on the tools that we have available compared to those we use on a daily basis–are we using all of our resources to their highest potential? If we are, are we doing it for the right reasons?

I polled a number of educators, administrators, and support staff in my district regarding their technology use. Questions ranged from technology tools most used to the reasons we include technology in our unit planning and how we best get new technology information. While I was not necessarily surprised by the results, they did make me reconsider how our district will use, teach, and implement new technology in the future.

For a summary of the survey results as well as a brief analysis of their implications, please click here.


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