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Making Makers: Encouraging Educators to Embrace the Maker Movement

Changes in policy and the dynamic of education have caused teachers to become more competitive and less collaborative. Counterproductive as it may be, when teachers know that they are facing budget cuts, layoffs, merit pay, and a complex evaluation system, there is a tendency to keep great teaching and ideas close to the vest. In an effort to change these tendencies, many schools are calling upon their teachers to become mentors for other educators and to share their knowledge through professional development opportunities. It is in that spirit that I will return to school in September eager to teach my colleagues about the maker movement and encourage them to try it in their classrooms.

Two months ago I had no idea what the maker movement was or how it could possibly be beneficial in a high school English classroom. After researching, trying it out, and talking to other educators, however, I see its deep potential to invigorate my classroom and empower my students. In an effort to share what I have learned about the maker movement with other educators and to encourage them to try creating a maker space in their classrooms I have created an infographic highlighting some key details of the movement as well as the benefits it can bring to our students and school community. I hope that this infographic will sever as a brief introduction to the movement and will inspire educators to seek additional information or mentorship and to give the maker movement a go!

If the Infographic does not appear below, or for a larger view, please click here. 

Empowering Teachers with the Maker Movement


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