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Wicked Problem, Hopeful Solution: WPP Final Draft and Infographic

Wicked problems do not have simple solutions. They inspire discussion, require struggle, and often get worse before improving; however, working toward ther resolution is essential, particularly in education. In order to make progress toward solving wicked problems, such as the challenge of making innovation part of the learning ethic, one must first understand the complexities of the problem itself. Next, research must be done to explore the full scope of the problem, the potential solutions that have already been attempted, the stakeholders involved, and those who will best be able to impact change in the area. These steps are currently being taken in an effort to embed innovation as part of the learning ethic.
The following is an infographic detailing the problem itself: it first discusses the challenge and why educators and policy makers struggle with it. Next, a white paper has been written to address a potential solution to this complex challenge. Although neither fully solve the problem (hence its wickedness), both attempt to inspire educators to seek creative solutions and continue pursuing making innovation part of the learning ethic.

If the image does not appear below, or for a full-size view of the infographic, please click here.

Innovation as Learning Ethic

With such a complex problem comes an equally challenging solution. A collaborative white paper can be found below, or click here to read in a new window. 


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