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Final Thoughts (and pictures, and videos, and more thoughts)

I have always loved technology. From the time a ridiculous Tamagotchi was placed in my hands I have marveled at what technology can add to our lives, to our knowledge-base, and (as with the Tamagotchi) to our ability to amusingly procrastinate. As an educator, I felt that I was successfully incorporating technology into my classroom; however, I have discovered that while I have been successful at swapping a low-tech tool for a high-tech one, I have not yet fully embraced the possibilities that innovative technology can have for my students. Exploring various teaching and learning tools through this course as well as being introduced to the theory behind the maker movement has enlightened me to new possibilities and potential.

The following is an infographic in which I have explored my final thoughts on this topic and how I envision using my newfound knowledge (and sometimes, lack there-of) in my classroom and with my colleagues. With that somewhat daunting task in mind, I look forward to incorporating the spirit of making and the attitude of ingenuity to my classroom next month.

For a full screen view, click here. 

Bringing the Maker Movement into Practice


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