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Passion, Curiosity, Creativity, and Technology: Where do they all Fit?

Growing up I would be the first person to admit that I lacked creativity. Creative writing gave me anxiety, drawing was limited to stick figures, and I was far better at imitation than originality. Later in life, however, I discovered that technology was the key to unlocking my creative side, and I have enjoyed exploring that creativity ever since.

One of the first ways that this manifested itself was in a love for photography and digital editing. Learning Photoshop and iMovie opened the door to personal expression for me in a way I never thought possible. Now, I use these tools to further my ability to express my thoughts and try new things, and feel confident as I guide my students to do the same. Through my use of project based learning and my emphasis on digital tools such as blogging, infographics, multi-modal digital presentations, musical connections, and digital collaboration, I encourage students to use technology to aid in their personal expression and increased creativity. By offering technologies that students may be unfamiliar with, I also allow them to creatively problem-solve as they work to create in an unknown way.

The following is a brief eMaze presentation (a tool I learned from my students) which highlights some of the ways that I bring passion and curiosity to my teaching and the ways that technology helps me in inspiring students to work passionately and creatively.

Please click here to view the presentation.


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