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My Personal Learning Network: A Popplet Experiment

Last semester during CEP 812 I was asked to reconsider the sources that I consult for news, opinions, and educational ideas. James Gee asserts that if we become too comfortable in the sources we follow, we become complacent, only seeking information with which we know we will agree. Following this, I made it my mission to seek information from as wide a variety of sources as possible to expand my pedagogical knowledge and inspire creativity in my teaching.

This week in CEP 810, I was asked to illustrate my personal learning network using a Popplet mind-map. What I discovered in enumerating my sources is that while I have succeeded in expanding my source bank, I may still be limiting myself when it comes to the kind of sources I follow. I look forward to continuing to expand my learning network through this program as well as my own exploration.
Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 5.41.51 PM

Above is my Popplet. In its creation, I noticed that I am currently primarily a consumer of content–I find and save interesting articles or links from Twitter or blogs, attend conferences and gather information, and watch and share TEDTalks with colleagues and friends. I am not yet a creator of content, though I am expanding my content creation through this program and look forward to continuing to share ideas and examples from my own pedagogical backpack.


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